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Take some time to relax & listen. Wagner's Ring Without Words.

Music during Covid-19

Let's Listen Better

2016 – 2017 season

—Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal

—an unprecedented programming innovation.    

Delta David Gier . . . decided to perform a piece by a living
Pulitzer Prize-winning composer on each of the classical programs . . 

 Winner of the John S. Edwards Award 
for Strongest Commitment to 
New American Music

I just heard your performance of my second symphony. It was deeply committed and moving, and your orchestra played it. Please give them my thanks and congratulations.

You obviously understand what the root of my music is, and I only hope to hear more performances by you of my work. 

Thank you so much. 

With admiration, 

John Corigliano 

2020–2021 season reimagined 

The SDSO had wonderful plans for our 2020-21 season, beginning with a complete production of Beethoven Fidelio and ending with Bruckner Symphony No. 9 with Emmanuel Ax playing Beethoven “Emperor” Concerto. Alas, like most orchestras we have had to reimagine next season. But this has actually caused us to more closely adhere to our mission.


Beginning with the safety of every individual — orchestra, chorus, and audience — each program has several contingencies: Plan A would be to play a concert per usual; Plan B more socially distanced onstage and off; Plan C a yet smaller ensemble, perhaps with different repertoire; Plan D perform in a different venue. Beyond that, we are opening up possibilities for live-streaming our programs as well as creating new kinds of video programming for audience members who either do not feel safe gathering or perhaps have never heard us before. All of this with media partners are interested in the SDSO’s unique programming.


The next step has been to carefully examine what kind of repertoire people might need to hear coming out of this pandemic. We have had help in this from both our board of directors and a separate advisory board, all of whom have been extremely helpful. What is clear is that “entertainment” is not so much of a priority; rather people are in need of music which is more meaningful, which speaks to our current situation. Music of comfort, of unity. They want to hear from our musicians, to be able to connect on a more personal level. (There is certainly receptiveness for this on the part of our orchestra members.) Also important is music which speaks of our own community; in response we will present full programs of both Lakota Music Project and Bridging Cultures.


This will be an exciting season, one of exploration and discovery. We hope to find news ways of communicating and connecting. And we plan to listen better, to the music and to each other.

Participants in the Native American Chap
Participants in the Native American Chap
NEA National Treasure Bryan Akipa, Dakot
Bryan Akipa The National Cathedral WA DC
Dakota String Quartet after recording Fa
2019 David Kim, Doosook Kim & Delta Davi
portrait by Suchart Vongthong
Malek Jandali & DDG
DDG Oratorium
DDG and Paolo Paroni
Delta David Gier
Delta David Gier
Delta David Gier Colorado Symphony
Jazz composers Orchestra
Bryan Akipa & Delta David Gier
China-U.S. Composers Project
Delta David Gier
Marimba Concerto Rehearsal
Delta David Gier & Alex Ross
DDG JLA, Paul Lombardi
Delta David Gier
DDG, Dan Goeller and William Cedeño
DDG & Concert master Doosook Kim
Delta David Gier
Delta David Gier
Bernard Woma Rehearsal
Delta David Gier
The Lakota Music Project
Recording Opera with the SDSO
Delta David Gier
DDG and Maestro John Nelson
Oratorium, Romania
Delta David Gier
Delta David Gier by Chris Browne
Senator George McGovern

Working to help the SDSO answer the Question:
How do we make music more meaningfully?

David Gier gave a splendid reading of the Mahler [4]. The long slow movement unfolded as if in one breath, and you could absolutely feel the audience being drawn into the music. You could have heard a pin drop for the entire length of that slow movement.  . . . 
Watching David speak at a post-concert dinner and interact with the Volunteer League at their luncheon and the board at their meeting, it is clear that he is the complete music director package.


—Henry Fogel, On the Record Blog February 2008


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SDSO and the 2016 Bush Prize 

2011 Pulitzer Prize Music Jury  chair

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Bernard Woma Rehearsal