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Music Director of
One of America's Boldest Orchestras.
— Alex Ross, The New Yorker Magazine 

delta david gier

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2023–2024 Concert schedule


The Crescendo Summer Institute 

Tokaj, Hungary 

Brahms  Symphony No. 1



The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra

Jessie Montgomery  Banner

Hailstork  Symphony No. 3

Beethoven  Symphony No. 5   

The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra

Ravel  Mother Goose Suite

Lou Harrison  Piano Concerto
        Emanuele Arciuli, piano
Rimsky-Korsakov  Scheherazade


The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra

Handel  Messiah


The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra

Mozart  Symphony No. 29, A Major, K. 201

Vivaldi  Oboe Concerto in C Major, RV 450

         Jeffrey Paul, oboe 

Thomas Parente  World Premiere

Caroline Shaw  Entr’acte

Haydn  Symphony No. 59, A Major, “Fire Symphony”

February 2024

Punta Gorda Symphony 

Mozart  Symphony No. 29, A Major, K. 201

Mozart  Exaltate Jubilate       

        Hannah Celeste Lu, soprano

Mahler  Symphony No. 4

The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra

Schubert  Symphony No. 9, “The Great C Major”
Rachmaninoff  Piano Concerto No. 2

        Joyce Yang, piano

APRIL 2024

The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra

Yarbrough   World Premiere

Dorff  Clarinet Concerto  World Premiere
     Chris Hill, clarinet

Copland  Appalachian Spring Suite

Bernstein  Symphonic Dances from "West Side Story"

The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra

Mahler  Symphony No. 3

Facing An Atlas of Deep Time
New Yorker Article
Masterworks Festival 2021
Participants in the Native American Chap
Participants in the Native American Chap
NEA National Treasure Bryan Akipa, Dakot
Bryan Akipa The National Cathedral WA DC
Dakota String Quartet after recording Fa
2019 David Kim, Doosook Kim & Delta Davi
portrait by Suchart Vongthong
Malek Jandali & DDG
DDG Oratorium
DDG and Paolo Paroni
Delta David Gier
Delta David Gier
Delta David Gier Colorado Symphony
Jazz composers Orchestra
Bryan Akipa & Delta David Gier
China-U.S. Composers Project
Delta David Gier
Marimba Concerto Rehearsal
Delta David Gier & Alex Ross
DDG JLA, Paul Lombardi
Delta David Gier
DDG, Dan Goeller and William Cedeño
DDG & Concert master Doosook Kim
Delta David Gier
Delta David Gier
Bernard Woma Rehearsal
Delta David Gier
The Lakota Music Project
Recording Opera with the SDSO
Delta David Gier
DDG and Maestro John Nelson
Oratorium, Romania
Delta David Gier
Delta David Gier by Chris Browne
Senator George McGovern
Concert Sched

“The model of an engaged conductor.”
—The New Yorker Magazine 

Video Performances 


Performances Videos
Visit  Delta David Gier's  YouTube Channel


LISTEN  First reading of John Luther Adams
An Atlas of Deep Time

LISTEN  SDSO Digital Library


LISTEN  MPR  Arvo Pärt Trisagion SDSO

TV & Radio Interviews


SDPB Maestro Gier on SDSO's 100 years:Art helps us find our place in the world.


SDPB The Lakota Music Project as a
Musical Bridge for Cultural Understanding.

SDPB  SDSO Bush Award  2016

Polyphonic Org at Eastman
Discussing the SDSO with Greg Sandow

New York Philharmonic 
Young People's Concerts



Shostakovich in South Dakota
A manifesto for the future of American classical music



How the South Dakota Symphony Became One of America’s Boldest Orchestras


Notable Performances and Recordings of 2022

NEH   2018  
by David Skinner
Can Orchestras Be Reinvented
as Humanities Institutions?   


Arts Journal 
by Delta David Gier

A Museum Culture of Symphony Orchestras?

Unanswered Question   2018 
by Joe Horowitz 

America's Most Exceptional Orchestra 


Unanswered Question  2016 
by Joe Horowitz

Dvorak on the Reservation


Voice of America  2010
Lakota Get Classica


New Music Box   2006

Making Inroads Through the Back Roads

New Music Box   2005
Builiding  an audience in South Dakota
. . . with Pulitzer Winners

2011 Pulitzer Prize Music Jury  chair

for Download

for Download

Photos courtesy South Dakota Public Broadcasting

—Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal

—an unprecedented programming innovation.    

Delta David Gier . . . decided to perform a piece by a living
Pulitzer Prize-winning composer on each of the classical programs . . 

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